Mark and Emily on Working Together

Mark and Emily have now been working together for nine months so we thought it was about time we wrote a blog piece about our experiences so far…

Question:  When (and why) did you start working together?

Up until February of this year I was working for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in their Marketing Team based at their Global HQ in Goodwood. I’d built my career over a decade and had worked agency side in London for five years before relocating to the coast in 2013. Mark would be away for five weeks at a time on shoots and I’d be working and travelling too - we were like ships in the night! It was over Christmas that we decided to activate our own ‘Plan A’ which would bring our lives closer together - it required some bold decision making on my part but once we’d talked over all the options it felt like the right time to strike!

Mark: Emily is now a co-director of my business and is working part-time in a Marketing and Business Development capacity. This covers all the behind the scenes activity; shoot logistics, public speaking, press interviews, sponsorship, research / creative development and financial administration. It means that whilst I'm away on shoots these elements can pro-actively be moved forward which is great as it frees up both my capacity to think about my own cinematography and gives me time back to read up on all the latest camera, lens and kit technology.

Question:  For you, how does ‘team work’ manifest itself in your day to day?

The two of us are now striving for the same common goal and our life has an renewed flexibility that allows us to spend quality time together when Mark is home between shoots - that change feels like a vital readjustment in order for the two of us to succeed in our married life together.

Mark: I've been striving solo with my career since 2000 and it's now a great feeling to have Emily on-board helping behind the scenes and supporting our shared aims for the future.

Question:  How do you separate work life and personal life?

It's hard! Simple things like having a different whatsapp thread for 'work' and 'personal' chat is one way to create some separation. When we’re in the same place, going to the pool for a swim or for a walk by the sea can help mark the beginning and / or end of a working day and that's also a chance to mentally 'down tools' and have some quality time together.

Mark: We're still getting to grips with this element - it's really difficult to strike that perfect balance! You both want to move your business forward and you also want to give your relationship all the time it needs to thrive and ultimately succeed. Sometimes you wish you could be in two places at once but….that’s not possible so, you have to find new ways to make things work both in the present and also on the road ahead.

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.
— Phil Jackson