'Living Volcanoes' broadcast in USA - macro topside sequence

Uncover the variety of activity, both human and natural that occurs on the slopes of active volcanoes.

Behind the scenes of ‘Living Volcanoes’ - Ambrym Island, Vanuatu: Join the team of researchers and filmmakers as they share some behind the scenes details from the edge of the Marum volcano:

How Carnivorous Caterpillars Attack Their Prey: Nearly all caterpillars are herbivores, but not this one. Caterpillars on the islands of Hawaii have evolved with claws that are more suited to catching live prey. Watch the clever way they attack their meals. See Mark’s featured macro sequence below:

Mark also shot lava tube caves, underwater manta rays and sync whilst out in Hawaii (August 2018).

Other featured sequences within the programme include:

Volcanic Theory of Water: The origins of water on earth have long been debated. Recent evidence suggests that water was always here, trapped beneath the crust. Volcanoes acted like a tear in the surface of our planet allowing the water to slowly escape as vapor. This condensed in our atmosphere and fell as rain, which eventually turned the planet from barren to blue.
Can Goats Predict Volcanic Eruptions? The unusual behaviour of a herd of goats seems to suggest they may be able to sense when the nearby Mt. Etna volcano will erupt and new research corroborates this suspicion.
Meet One of the Rarest Frogs on Earth: The Quito Rocket frog has been pushed to the edge of extinction. With only around 100 left in the wild, and all confined to a single stream near the Cotopaxi volcano, its survival depends on the help of a team of scientists.