Panda Award Wins for Blue Planet II and One Strange Rock

Congratulations to the Blue Planet II (BBC) and One Strange Rock (Nutopia) teams for a series of Wildscreen Panda Award wins!

Blue Planet II which received the most nominations went onto win in the following categories
* National Geographic Series Award
* Cinematography Award (‘One Ocean’ episode)
* Animal Behaviour Award (‘One Ocean’ episode)

National Geographic’s One Strange Rock tells the story of how life survives and thrives on planet Earth
* Innovation Award (‘Home’ episode)
* Editing Award (‘Gasp’ episode)
* Music Award (‘Gasp’ episode)

Mark filmed the Bajau fishermen in Indonesia for One Strange Rock’s ‘Escape’ episode and travelled to Costa Rica and Vancouver Island, Canada to film underwater with the Blue Planet II team during 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Huge congratulations to James Reed and Keo Films who were the winners of the prestigious ‘WWF Golden Panda Award’ for their film Rise of the Warrior Apes which charts the world’s largest troop of chimpanzees in Uganda and documents the political and social drama that unfolded there over two decades.