Nauticam 5DIII Underwater Housing FOR SALE

Items Included Within This Sale:
* Nauticam 5DIII Housing
* Nauticam 230mm Optical Glass Dome
* Nauticam Extension Ring 70 with Focus Knob
* Nauticam Macro Port (for Canon EF 100mm Macro f/2.8L lens)
* Nauticam Zoom and Focus Gears (for the following lenses: Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II; Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS; EF 100mm Macro f/2.8L lens)
* Atomos Ninja 2 Monitor / Recorder
* Nauticam Ninja 2 Housing (plus spare HDMI connectors) with upgraded with Nauticam seal check feature

The Canon 5D MKIII was the first camera I bought, mainly for video. I purchased the underwater housing to accompany the camera in 2014.  I purchased the Ninja and accompanying housing in 2015 - this is the tool of choice for many professionals around the world; designed to unlock many of your DSLR’s restrictions and add on the professional features you expect to see on high-end cameras. 

Nauticam 5DIII Housing Specification:
* Depth Rating: 100m  
* Dimensions (with handles mounted): 353mm x 187mm x 133mm (13.9in x 7.4in x 5.2in) 
* Weight: 2.8kg (6.2 lb.)

Nauticam 5DIII Housing Features:
* Patented Locking Port Release Lever
* Sensitive Two Stage Shutter Release Lever
* Optical Strobe Connectors
* Rubberized Ergonomic Grips
* 2 Customizable Accessory Ports (allowing use of optional Nikonos, S6, or Ikelite Strobe Connectors, Hydrophone, Video Out, or Remote Control Connectors) 
* Embossed Control Function Labels
* Quick Release Camera Mounting Shoe
* Lens Release Button
* Four Strobe & Accessory Base Mounting Locations
* Complete Access to All Key Camera Controls
* Stainless Steel Support Brackets for Handles
* 66x Optical Pickup Finder (Enhanced 180 deg Viewfinder with External Diopter Adjustment
* Audible and Visual Leak Alarm

Atomos Ninja 2 Specification:
* Dimensions: 4.3", 800 x 480
* LCD Touchscreen Display
* Shoot, Record and Dock straight into the editing application of your choice in pristine Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD
* HDMI I/O connections to HDMI cameras
* Start/Stop triggering is also supported on Sony and Canon cameras

Atomos Ninja 2 Housing Specification:
* Depth Rating: 60m
* Weight: 1.09kg
* Dimensions: 190mm (W) × 164mm (H) × 95mm (D)

The Atomos Ninja 2 (designed for use with the 5DMKIII) turns the camera into a good video recorder, with an external monitor/recorder, so you can record the uncompressed data externally with ProRes, rather than compressed internally in H264
— Mark Sharman, Underwater Cameraman

Nauticam 5.jpg

I am looking to sell this bundle as follows (a VAT invoice will be provided with the sale):

* Nauticam 5DIII Housing: £1,900 plus VAT
* Nauticam 230mm optical glass dome: £ plus VAT
* Nauticam extras including port extensions and lens gears: £ plus VAT
* Atomos Ninja 2: £300 plus VAT
* Ninja 2 Housing: £800 plus VAT

The kit is all in overall is in good working condition and is located in West Sussex, so can either be picked up in person or sent in the post at cost. Please contact Emily directly if you would like to purchase this item or have any questions. 

Best wishes, Mark

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Emily | T: +44 (0)7876 694477 |

Marine Wildlife Summer Filming Trip, Pembrokeshire

  • One car full of kit: underwater FS7, tripod and topside set up, drone and slider.

  • Two dives with a colony of seals and one particularly pretty, playful one.

  • Three 04:30 starts to catch sunrise.

  • Four months talking about this trip….one day to plan logistics and prepare.

  • Five glorious boat trips.

  • Six beautiful west coast sunsets.

  • Seven Phantom4Pro explorations early in the morning and at last light.

  • Eight nights at Castle Ely Mill, Whitland.

  • Nine filming days – meeting scientists, making friends, moving gear around and laughing.

What a trip!

  • Zero Otters spotted (despite our best efforts).

  • 1,200 miles on the road.

  • 31,000 gorgeous puffins thriving on Skomer.

  • Thousands of Manx Shearwaters returning to Skomer under the cover of darkness.

  • Too many drinks enjoying sunset over the Atlantic Ocean at Druidstone.

Pea Soup 'Rocket' - Quick Dispersing Smoke Machine FOR SALE

I bought this smoke machine back in 2013 for some automotive work I was doing at the time. This is a great little machine for special effects - in fact, it was used at the 2012 London Olympics Opening Ceremony!  

Standard Features:
* Compact and robust
* Off power capability
* Water based, non-toxic smoke
* Quick dispersing smoke, ideal for special effects
* Controllable smoke, from a small wisp to a large plume
* Sale comes with a remote lead and a selection of smoke fluid aerosols

* Product code: PS21R
* Size (cm) (L x W x H):  36cm x 14cm x 20cm
* Weight: 6kg
* Heat exchanger wattage: 1,100W
* Power Supply: 230v, 50/60Hz
* Warm up time from cold: 5 mins
* Duration of aerosol at maximum output: 15 mins approx.
* Smoke output: 0 – 180 m3/min. (6,350 ft3/min.) 
* Operation off the mains power supply: Yes

 Image credit: © Mark Sharman (showing the 'Rocket' in use)

Image credit: © Mark Sharman (showing the 'Rocket' in use)

The ROCKET QD which looks and works in the same way as the ROCKET machines produces an even thicker, whiter smoke but which dissipates within a couple of minutes. This machine is mainly used for special effects for smoke that needs to disperse quickly. It's also ideal for photo shoots. By using it with a fan, a superb steam / CO2 blast effect can be created.

I am looking to sell this smoke machine for £350 plus VAT (a VAT invoice will be provided with the sale). The goods are located in West Sussex, so can either be picked up in person or sent in the post at cost. If posting, Quick Dispersing smoke fluid aerosols can be brought directly from Pea Soup (smoke machine specialists).

Please contact myself or Emily directly if you would like to purchase this item or have any questions. 

Best wishes, Mark

Mark |

Emily | T: +44 (0)7876 694477 |

Mark tells us more about his experience with the new Fujinon Lenses

Question: What shoot have you recently taken the Fujinon lenses on?

I’m just back from the Bahamas where I was working on a Shark Week shoot for Discovery. I was filming topside and drone from a boat for the duration, so camera and lens choice was key. My pair of E mount Fujinon lenses (MK18-55mm and MK50-135mm) were the natural choice together with my Sony FS7 as they are the perfect match especially for this type of job

Question: Tell us more about why the Fujinon lenses were a great fit for this shoot?

The production wanted to achieve a cinematic look and feel using a shallow depth of field throughout. So, shooting wide open at T2.9 I was able to achieve some very pleasing results with the actuality. We filmed a large portion of the footage into the night (under the boats minimal lighting) so, in this environment with these lenses I was still able to expose the contributors effectively

Question: What USPs specific to the Fujinon lenses do you find most impressive?

As well as ‘the look’ I wanted to achieve an additional consideration for the on-the-shoulder sync filming is the overall weight of the camera. So, with each lens weighing in at 0.9kg (which is incredibly light weight for such a lens) it makes for a much more comfortable set up; a hugely important factor when you’re working across the length and breadth of a boat for long hours, into the evening

Question: How did you utilise the full range of the two Fujinon lenses whilst on location?

The 18-55 is great for general sync shots and actuality; wide enough to get establishes and two shots and tight enough for pushing in for close ups and details. When it comes to shooting with another member of the camera team the 50-135 is perfect for close up reactions
Fuji Lenses.PNG

"Animals with Cameras" with Gordon Buchanan

Final Episode on BBC One: Thursday 15 February 8pm
Devil Rays in the Azores

In this three-part series, wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan collaborates with scientists in the field to attach cameras onto animals in the wild. On their journey, which takes them to all corners of the globe, they uncover unexpected findings about the lives of some of the planet's most captivating species.

 Presenter Gordon Buchanan and Devil Ray researcher Jorge Fontes

Presenter Gordon Buchanan and Devil Ray researcher Jorge Fontes

Mark spent one week filming for the Devil Ray sequence (Episode 3/3) on the Princess Alice Sea Bank in the Azores during August 2017.

 Gordon, Mark and the Crew in the Azores.

Gordon, Mark and the Crew in the Azores.

The team set out to discover why vast numbers of Devil Ray gather every summer near the Azores archipelago in the mid-Atlantic. The team successfully deployed specially designed cameras which towed behind the rays, these in turn witnessed wildlife spectacles seen for the first time including 'sun-bathing' ray at the surface reheating after a cold dive and unborn ray pups kicking inside their giant, four-meter-wide mothers; a sign that this congregation might be a breeding ground for these majestic ocean giants.

Devil Rays are fascinating creatures – they are some of the fastest and deepest divers in the ocean, and swim with such elegance. When they are not feeding, their cephalic fins are curled and point forward and down, giving the appearance of devil horns; hence their name.
— Mark Sharman, Cameraman
 Mark's topside camera set up in the Marina da Horta, on the island of Faial, Azores.  Panasonic Varicam LT,  Canon CN-7 17-120mm lens.

Mark's topside camera set up in the Marina da Horta, on the island of Faial, Azores.  Panasonic Varicam LT,  Canon CN-7 17-120mm lens.

Devil Rays are under threat from fishing, boat traffic, habitat decline and pollution and are currently listed as Endangered (EN) on the IUCN Red List. Although not usually targeted by fisheries, Devil Rays often become victims as bycatch. The good news is that Project AWARE have already made a positive impact to help protect Devil Rays.

 Legendary Azorean Captain, Norberto Serpa was the expedition leader.

Legendary Azorean Captain, Norberto Serpa was the expedition leader.

Other wildlife events captured within this three-part series include fascinating insights into penguins catching their prey 200 miles off the coast of Argentina and fur seals avoiding attacks from great white shark off Australia. Further details and clips are available at BBC online.


The Telegraph 'Culture' Review 4/5 Stars

The Express

Sunset Azores.jpg

Episodes 1, 2 and 3 are available on BBC iPlayer until February 2018.

The crew Mark worked with on the shoot:

Matthew Andrews, Field Director; Mark Roberts, Sound Recordist; Nuno Sá, Underwater Cameraman.

rEvo in The Egyptian Red Sea

Mark has just returned from Egypt where he spent a perfect week on his rEvo Rebreather diving in perfect conditions on some favourite wrecks including the SS Carnatic (1896), Kimon M (1978) and beautiful reefs such as the Sha’ab Abu Nuhas and Sha’ab El Erg.

 Sha’ab El Erg reef aka Dolphin House © Mark Sharman

Sha’ab El Erg reef aka Dolphin House © Mark Sharman

Whilst there Mark was trying out a new (analogue) camera set up using the Sony A7SII camera, Nauticam housing and an old school Nikonos 15mm manual underwater lens (one of the sharpest and finest specialist lenses ever made). 

Mark becomes a qualified drone pilot

Following an intense theoretical course hosted by Heliguy near Farnborough Mark has recently been awarded Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission for commercial operations of small unmanned aircraft (PfCO SUA). Since then he has completed his operations manual, invested in a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone and has clocked up hundreds of hours of practise and on-location experience. 

My Phantom 4 Pro drone is an incredible tool to add to my arsenal of camera kit. Stunning aerial views bring a new, previously unexplored perspective to my work and add variety and context to my artistic vision.
— Mark Sharman, Drone Cameraman

Update (April 2018): Since gaining his drone qualification Mark has operated in a number of exciting locations including British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipelago), Colombian coast filming Humpback Whales, fjords of Norway filming Orcas, Sri Lankan coast filming Sperm Whales and Dolphins,  Bahamas filming sharks. TV production drone credits include; Blue Planet II (BBC One), One Strange Rock (National Geographic), Wild Britain (Channel 5) and First Brit: The 10,000-Year-Old Man (Channel 4) to date.