Mark has a solid grounding in television production. He has spent a decade honing his skills to be an influential member of a creative team.  He started off in production, so has a balanced understanding of the whole production process and with early career experiences in the cutting room, crafting his own and others’ footage giving the insight of an editor whilst shooting.  Mixed with an eye for a beautiful shot, Mark has diversity in creativity, a positive attitude and televisual understanding to offer production companies.
Mark has a keen interest in wildlife, and has focussed his efforts on working on wildlife based programmes.  He has long lens experience filming behaviour, for example his work on Springwatch 2014 and providing footage of urban peregrine falcons in action over Bristol city for the Terra Mater/Warehouse 51 production Unnatural Selection.
Mark has had regular experience filming presenters including George McGavin, Steve Backshall, Ray Mears, Miranda Krestovnikoff, Michaela Strachan, Iolo Williams, Mike Dilger and Giles Brandreth to name but a few.
As well as his broadcast experience, Mark has a long list of corporate and non-broadcast production credits: he can turn his creative lighting, shooting and interpersonal skills into video products to satisfy his growing list of corporate clients most recently for the University of Bristol, Pearly King Jeans and wild running event The Wolf Run.
Experienced with leading and working as part of a team or working independently for self-directing/shooting assignments, Mark is flexible to work to any production requirements.