Arabian Adventure

Mark spent 11 weeks filming underwater and topside across Oman in 2016 for a ten part wildlife and nature series. A total of ten episodes make up 'Arabian Inferno' and 'Arabian Seas' all of which can now be viewed online via the Love Nature Channel.

Arabian Inferno Trailer

The Arabian landscape is a virtually waterless desert where rain scarcely falls and animals endure blistering temperatures. But for three months every year, a remote region on the south-west coast undergoes an astonishing transformation into a lush, verdant oasis. See how the desert’s most iconic creatures adapt to the scorching temperatures of Arabia and stark conditions around them.
— Blue Ant Media & Love Nature
Discover the remarkable underwater world of the United Arab Emirates and the largely unexplored coral reefs of Oman. Barely known to the rest of the world, this aquatic paradise is home to thousands of fascinating creatures who are pitched in a battle for survival. From endangered turtles, mysterious sharks and deadly rays to tiny inquisitive shrimps and feisty reef fish, we reveal their aquatic secrets and marvel at this majestic and rarely explored world.
— Blue Ant Media & Love Nature

Topside and underwater sequences that Mark shot for this series include:
* Blanfords Fox at night
* Chameleon hunting Orbweaver Spiders
* Nesting adult Green Turtles (and hatchlings)
* Additional topside sequences featuring camels, Kingfishers and lizards
* Crescent Wrasse hunting Damselfish en masse
* Hawksbill Turtles uncovering Cuttlefish eggs
* Juvenile Green Turtles feeding on coastal algae
* Territorial Squid and Cuttlefish mating
* Whale Sharks with their entourage of Remora fish
* Additional underwater sequences featuring Seahorses, Sting Ray, Leopard Sharks and Crown-of-thorns Starfish

Oman Seahorse.jpg