Mark becomes a qualified drone pilot

Following an intense theoretical course hosted by Heliguy near Farnborough Mark has recently been awarded Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission for commercial operations of small unmanned aircraft (PfCO SUA). Since then he has completed his operations manual, invested in a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone and has clocked up hundreds of hours of practise and on-location experience. 

My Phantom 4 Pro drone is an incredible tool to add to my arsenal of camera kit. Stunning aerial views bring a new, previously unexplored perspective to my work and add variety and context to my artistic vision.
— Mark Sharman, Drone Cameraman

Since gaining his drone qualification Mark has operated in a number of exciting locations (to date) including:
* British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipelago)
* Colombian coast filming Humpback Whales
* Fjords of Norway filming Orcas
* Sri Lankan coast filming Sperm Whales and Dolphins
* Bahamas filming sharks
* Lake Garda filming Newfoundland rescue dogs
* London filming swimmers in a 1930’s indoor pool
* Wales filming grey seals and countryside

TV production drone credits include the following (to date):
* Blue Planet II (BBC One)
* One Strange Rock (National Geographic)
* Wild Britain (Channel 5)
* First Brit: The 10,000-Year-Old Man (Channel 4)