Sony PXW-FS7 mkI (2017) For Sale **NOW SOLD**

Items Included Within This Sale:

* Sony PXW-FS7 MkI 
* XDCA extension
* 2 x 128 GB XQD cards
* 2 x 64 GB XQD cards
* XQD card reader
* Chrosziel 401-FS7 support plate
* Audio-Technica AT875R top mic with softie
* Peli case 1510 with dividers
* FS7 hand grip trigger
* Original boxes
* Raincover
* Metabones adaptors both standard and super speed
* E-EF mounts – optional (if you are going to use Canon EF lenses)

The above was all been brought brand new (total cost approx. £10,000.00 in summer 2017) so given the age and excellent condition of the kit I’m looking to sell all of the above for £8,000.00 (a VAT invoice will be provided with the sale).

The ideal documentary camera: The PXW-FS7 reflects years of intense conversations we’ve had with documentary shooters. In response, we completely redesigned the grip, improved the viewfinder, optimised the balance and refined the ergonomics. Of course, the FS7 also reflects Sony’s expertise in 4K and HD codecs, Super 35 sensors and memory recording. The result is the ideal camera for documentaries and the optimum tool for magazine shows, reality TV, unscripted TV and more.

The kit is located in West Sussex, so can either be picked up in person or sent in the post at cost. Please contact Emily directly if you would like to purchase this item or have any questions.  Further details about this camera can also be found here.

Mark | E:

Emily | T: +44 (0)7876 694477 | E:

Nauticam 5DIII Underwater Housing For Sale **NOW SOLD**

Items Included Within This Sale:
* Nauticam 5DIII Housing
* Nauticam 230mm Optical Glass Dome
* Nauticam Extension Ring 70 with Focus Knob
* Nauticam Macro Port (for Canon EF 100mm Macro f/2.8L lens)
* Nauticam Zoom and Focus Gears (for the following lenses: Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II; Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS; EF 100mm Macro f/2.8L lens)
* Atomos Ninja 2 Monitor / Recorder
* Nauticam Ninja 2 Housing (plus spare HDMI connectors) with upgraded with Nauticam seal check feature
* Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens
* Peli Case 1610

The Canon 5D MKIII was the first camera I bought, mainly for video. I purchased the underwater housing to accompany the camera in 2014.  I purchased the Ninja and accompanying housing in 2015 - this is the tool of choice for many professionals around the world; designed to unlock many of your DSLR’s restrictions and add on the professional features you expect to see on high-end cameras. 

Nauticam 5DIII Housing Specification:
* Depth Rating: 100m  
* Dimensions (with handles mounted): 353mm x 187mm x 133mm (13.9in x 7.4in x 5.2in) 
* Weight: 2.8kg (6.2 lb.)

Nauticam 5DIII Housing Features:
* Patented Locking Port Release Lever
* Sensitive Two Stage Shutter Release Lever
* Optical Strobe Connectors
* Rubberized Ergonomic Grips
* 2 Customizable Accessory Ports (allowing use of optional Nikonos, S6, or Ikelite Strobe Connectors, Hydrophone, Video Out, or Remote Control Connectors) 
* Embossed Control Function Labels
* Quick Release Camera Mounting Shoe
* Lens Release Button
* Four Strobe & Accessory Base Mounting Locations
* Complete Access to All Key Camera Controls
* Stainless Steel Support Brackets for Handles
* 66x Optical Pickup Finder (Enhanced 180 deg Viewfinder with External Diopter Adjustment
* Audible and Visual Leak Alarm

Atomos Ninja 2 Specification:
* Dimensions: 4.3", 800 x 480
* LCD Touchscreen Display
* Shoot, Record and Dock straight into the editing application of your choice in pristine Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD
* HDMI I/O connections to HDMI cameras
* Start/Stop triggering is also supported on Sony and Canon cameras

Atomos Ninja 2 Housing Specification:
* Depth Rating: 60m
* Weight: 1.09kg
* Dimensions: 190mm (W) × 164mm (H) × 95mm (D)

The Atomos Ninja 2 (designed for use with the 5DMKIII) turns the camera into a good video recorder, with an external monitor/recorder, so you can record the uncompressed data externally with ProRes, rather than compressed internally in H264
— Mark Sharman, Underwater Cameraman

Nauticam 5.jpg

I am looking to sell this bundle as follows (a VAT invoice will be provided with the sale):

* Nauticam 5DIII Housing: £1,500 plus VAT
* Nauticam 230mm optical glass dome: £800 plus VAT
* Nauticam extras including port extensions and lens gears: £200 plus VAT
* Atomos Ninja 2: £200 plus VAT
* Ninja 2 Housing: £750 plus VAT
* Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM Lens: £300 plus VAT

The kit is all in overall is in good working condition and is located in West Sussex, so can either be picked up in person or sent in the post at cost. Please contact Emily directly if you would like to purchase this item or have any questions. 

Mark | E:

Emily | T: +44 (0)7876 694477 | E:

Poseidon Se7en rebreather For Sale **NOW SOLD**

This unit is now SOLD.

I am selling my Poseidon Se7en eCCR rebreather, which is in great condition and hardly used.  The unit was bought as a spare but it has only logged 20-30 dives prior to me buying it.  I have never used this unit in the 18 months it has been in my possession, so it is as good as new.

The unit and all accessories are for sale for £3000.00, please see below for full kit list and extensive pictures.  I will only be able to sell to people qualified on the Poseidon units, or to those who can show evidence that a course is due to take place.

For more information on the Poseidon Se7en rebreather, please visit this link.

The kit consists of the following items:

  • Poseidon Se7en e-module, serial number 10848, due for next service Jan 2018.
  • 3L aluminium cylinders, due for next service June 2018
  • Green (40m no deco) and blue (48m deco) batteries and charger
  • Cylinder QMR set, for quick release of cylinders
  • 2 x O2 sensors (Molex), in date until March 2018.
  • Gauntlet display wrist strap
  • 11 inch adaptor, for securing a wing to the unit
  • Se7en counter lungs plus spare MKVI counter lungs
  • Se7en backplate with modified bottom support, plus spare backplate
  • MKVI mouthpiece
  • All breathing loops and T-valves in good condition
  • All systems firmware updated to the most recent version: v1.37
  • Comes complete with Hollis gear gulper box for storage and transport

NB The unit comes without a wing/harness, this will need to be provided prior to use.  The wing in the pictures is for demonstration only.  Sofnolime /scrubber canisters are not supplied and will need to be sourced separately.

Please see gallery below for comprehensive pictures detailing the gear.

The unit is based in West Sussex, please contact me for a viewing.  I am looking for a quick sale, hence the £3000.00 price tag.

Please contact Mark at either or 07779 227307 if interested.

Many thanks



Mark becomes a qualified drone pilot

Following an intense theoretical course hosted by Heliguy near Farnborough Mark has recently been awarded Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) permission for commercial operations of small unmanned aircraft (PfCO SUA). Since then he has completed his operations manual, invested in a DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone and has clocked up hundreds of hours of practise and on-location experience. 

My Phantom 4 Pro drone is an incredible tool to add to my arsenal of camera kit. Stunning aerial views bring a new, previously unexplored perspective to my work and add variety and context to my artistic vision.
— Mark Sharman, Drone Cameraman

Since gaining his drone qualification Mark has operated in a number of exciting locations (to date) including:
* British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipelago)
* Colombian coast filming Humpback Whales
* Fjords of Norway filming Orcas
* Sri Lankan coast filming Sperm Whales and Dolphins
* Bahamas filming sharks
* Lake Garda filming Newfoundland rescue dogs
* London filming swimmers in a 1930’s indoor pool
* Wales filming grey seals and countryside

TV production drone credits include the following (to date):
* Blue Planet II (BBC One)
* One Strange Rock (National Geographic)
* Wild Britain (Channel 5)
* First Brit: The 10,000-Year-Old Man (Channel 4)


Tickets On Sale For Jago Screening In Bristol

The award-winning film Jago: A Life Underwater is to be screened at The Watershed in Bristol on Friday 14th October as part of Wildscreen Festival week.

The film has been nominated in five Wildscreen Award categories, with the ceremony due to take place on the evening of 13th October at Colston Hall.

The screening features a double header with another nominated short film In Between, and the session will conclude with a Question and Answer panel features the team behind Jago, including myself, to talk about how the film was made.  The screening starts at 18:45.

Tickets are available from the Watershed box office, please follow the link below.


Jago nominated in five Wildscreen award categories

Jago A Life Underwater has been nominated in five Wildscreen Panda Award categories.  The biennial wildlife film festival takes place in Bristol during the week of October 11th to 15th 2016.
The independently produced film, which features my underwater cinematography, has already won the prestigious Grand Teton Award (best film in show) at the 2015 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival in the USA.
The five award categories Jago has been nominated for are:
Cinematography (small crew)
People and Nature
The news has been covered by the Natural History Network in the article ‘Who’s Hot at NHN!’ and the official Wildscreen Festival 2016 nominations list is published here.
Congratulations to Bristol-based filmmaker James Reed for the nominations, a great achievement especially considering the film was a self-funded project.  Credit also to James Morgan for his co-directing and topside camerawork, Johnny Langenheim as producer and sound recordist, Benjamin Sadd for the aerial and additional camerawork, Sam Rogers for editing, William Goodchild for writing the score and Tim Owens and Ben Peace for the sound design.  Thanks to Blair Wallace whose colour grade enhanced our camerawork!
Fingers crossed for success at the awards ceremony on Thursday 13th October at Colston Hall!

Wildscreen guide.jpg

Jago: A Life Underwater wins Grand Teton award at Jackson Hole

The independently produced film Jago: A Life Underwater, which features my underwater camerawork, has won the top prize, the Grand Teton Award at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival 2015.

The film was nominated in the Best Editing category, which it didn’t win, but ended up scooping the coveted Grand Teton Award for best film in show.

‘Jago’ tells the life story of Rohani; an old Bajau fisherman, who lives in a stilted village in the Togean Islands, Sulawesi, Indonesia.  The narrative is conveyed using a mix of his interview material with dramatic reconstructions of key moments in his life as a child, and as a young man learning his trade to becoming a master, as well as losing his son and coming to terms with his own mortality.

We filmed over a three week period in October/November 2014 with Red Epic Dragon cameras at 5.5K for a 4K master.  We also used aerial shots and an underwater time-slice rig to enhance the drama and visual story-telling.

“The most beautiful images of the Bajau ever captured.” Blue Ant Media.

“Mesmerizing in it’s simplicity, unhurried in it’s editing, beautifully crafted in sound, music, colour and picture. Each shot is a work of art, each scene a lesson in how to seduce the audience into caring for its’ characters’ and to stay with the story.” Natural History Network.

There is yet no scheduled release or broadcast of the film, but watch these posts for details when they emerge.

Film credits:
Produced and Directed by James Reed
Director/Cameraman James Morgan
Underwater Cameraman Mark Sharman
Assistant Director/Sound Recordist Johnny Langenheim
Aerial and Additional Photography Benjamin Sadd
Location DIT Stephen Hedley
Editor Sam Rogers
Graphics Robin Littlewood
Additional Editing Andy Netley
Written by James Reed
Script Consultants Matthew Houghton, Johnny Langenheim
Offline Post Production Films at 59
Post Producer George Panayiotou
Workflow Consultants Matt Garner, Jack Heywood
Final Post Production Evolutions Bristol
Post Producers Cat Rutzler, Gabriel Wetz
Colourist Blair Wallace
Online Editors Arun Hall, Joanne Curtis
Sound Design Tim Owens
Dubbing Mix Ben Peace at Wounded Buffalo Sound Studios
Music composed by William Goodchild
Musicians Kwesi Edman, David Oliver, Nick Pullin, Joanna Swan, Emily Willmott
Well done to the whole team involved, a great achievement.

Grand Teton Jago.jpg